How to update an old table

How to repurpose an old table

I am really pleased with the outcome of this quick and easy weekend project!

Last week I received this unloved and unwanted table free of charge!  There are marks on the top but other than that, the table is actually very sound and is the perfect height for my ever growing boy!

The table in its current state doesn't fit in with my interior colours so I purchased some white Plastikote spray paint (which I love!!!) and I already had some black and white sticky vinyl (which I'd purchased from eBay), this I'd used before recovering our fireplace front which had been condemned and just looks plain ugly!

I used a cardboard box as a base and sprayed the table, 3 coats with a 30-minute break in between.  I was pleasantly surprised how well the paint went on and no drips!  I must finally be getting the hang of this painting malarkey!

Don't be afraid to respray on old table

You could finish here really, the paint leaves a great finish, but I wanted to have a wipeable top for my very messy 4-year old, hence the vinyl.  As with all sticky backs, I had a moment with trying to get the paper off the back and keep the sheet straight and try and use 3 other hands I didn't have....  Once I got started it was very easy to recover.  Slow is key here, smooth the vinyl down as you go and make sure there are no air bubbles.

How to add vinyl to a table top

Slowly cover the table with a new vinyl cover

With a sharp craft knife trim around the edge to give a nice clean finish (I may have got help with this bit...)

Trim the edge of the vinyl with a craft knife

And that's it.  New table in keeping with the rest of the room, with a wipeable cover for mucky little boys - perfect.

It really is that simple.  The key to any upcycled / repurposed piece - don't rush it.  Take your time over each task and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

I have one very happy little boy - he's my best critic :-)

Give an old table new life and in keeping with your interiors

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