Creating a home for those odd socks

Where in the world do socks go?  Seriously??

When we moved I found a random sock stuffed in between the cushions of the sofa, down the back of a radiator and in different drawers so I know they never go far.... but Oh.My.Days we have more than our fair share of odd socks I'm sure!

Until now!
save dobby sign
Save Dobby lost sock holder

I recently bought this little beaut the last time I was in town for £1.50!! (I may go back for more!).  I'm not a fan of the sign as it is, but we all know that nothing is what it seems when it comes into my house.....

Love sign... for now
Checking the size of my lettering on my bargain Love sign!
I've kept the heart, never know when that's going to come in handy.... I'm such a hoarder, can you tell?!

The B on the sign is there as a measure.....

Last week I mentioned my love for stationery and my 'just in case' supply of scrapbooking paper.... Well, thanks to scrapping the magic, the Daily Prophet came in handy for this project.

Daily Prophet scrapping paper
I knew this would come in handy one day!
Stripping back the sign
Stripping back my £1.50 Love sign
Adding the scrapping paper to the sign
Covering the sign with decoupage paper
Next up was to cover my newly painted letters with gold glitter.  This job I gave to my son, and it took all my self-control to not interfere!!

Painting the letters gold
Letters from the local craft shop
Glitter to make it all shine
Add a little bit of magic 

Once the letters were decorated, I also painted some small pegs gold (I left off the glitter as I didn't want that falling into the socks!!).  I then set about glueing them all to my new sign, using my beloved Mod Podge.... and I got glitter EVERYWHERE!

Using Mod Podge to glue letters to the sign
Using Mod Podge to glue the letters and pegs on the sign.
Leave until dry and hang somewhere that even a house-elf can reach.

When we sort the washing out now, my son always checks the odd-sock sign when he has a missing pair :-)

I've given each sock 2 weeks to find its pair, after that, it's out of here!


  1. Haha love this 😃 but now i just fold them together and hope they clean well

    1. Thanks, my son has a great time pairing them all up


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