#Beetlemania upcycling event

One of my favourite moments of 2015

Last year I was fortunate enough to be involved with Gumtree's #UpcycleRevoluation week and created my planter from an old set of drawers.  This year, upcycle guru Max McMurdo and Gumtree are back with a Beetle no less!; I'm gutted that due to work commitments and my lack of skills with metal and power tools I was unable to attend this event!

Upcycle Revolution team are back
Beetlemania - Upcycle style
Max has transformed a derelict classic 1974 VW Beetle he found on Gumtree into 24 pieces of amazing furniture and household fittings worth over £5k!!  (and you just know I want them all!!)   All items are now for sale on Gumtree and can be found from the upcycling hub.

As I mentioned, I was unable to attend this event this year, but Max was supported by a great team of upcyclers and bloggers who helped him to complete the project between April 12th and April 17th.

Best of all, all proceeds from these items will be donated to the Butterfly tree charity to provide classrooms, books, and toilets for the children of a rural Zambian community.

I'm torn with this project this time around though, purely because I'm a petrol head and that part of me is screaming 'nooooooooo', don't cut up that beaut of a car, stick it in the ground like the Bug ranch version of Cadillac ranch in America.....

Bug Ranch

But the upcycling side of me is like "whoa I need this lamp" :-)

Beetlemania - Exhaust lamp created by Max McMurdo
Do have a look at all the lovely products made from this old Beetle, and if you're at the Grand Designs Live in London between 30th April and 8th May please do tweet me your images @Rachaeljessblog, another event I'm sadly going to miss, but this time due to spending time with my wonderful little family.

Now, where's that tatty old table gone.......

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