5 Things You Should Upgrade in 2016

Bedstar upgrade
When did you last upgrade your bed? 
Although many of us like to hoard our favourite possessions, there are a few things we simply shouldn’t keep. Sadly, yes, it’s some of the things we love the most. If you learn to distance yourself from the emotional attachment, not only can you get new gear every few years, but you can save/make money. Regardless of what we want to change, or not, there're five things we MUST upgrade every few years. If you haven’t already, yes, it’s that time. Although you’ve probably got a few ideas of your own, here are the things you should consider upgrading this year, or as soon as possible. Yes, your bed is one. Come on, check out Bedstar, upgrade it, you know you deserve it, right?

Mobile Phone 

You’re quite possibly glued to your mobile phone 24/7. So, yes, it needs replacing. If you get on a yearly, or bi-yearly replacement basis, you’ll soon be thanking us. By upgrading your phone and selling your old one every few years you’ll be quids in. Most people- device dependent- end up saving or making money, lowering their monthly bills and getting a new device. Although we get used to our prized possessions, it’s certainly something we should all be upgrading.


A car can lose hundreds and thousands in value for any number of reasons, so it’s important to keep with the times. Some people, through sentimental value, keep it until it’s on its last legs. Why not sell your car every year or two, or trade it in. Again, you’re quite likely to get something more modern, save or make money, and be the talk of the town with your sensational new ride.

Image courtesy of Cotswoldco 


Televisions were an expensive commodity a few years ago, but no longer. They can quite easily be broken, and with the digital age ensuring the TV is less important, you can be the one to save money here. By selling your TV, and buying a new one, you’ll keep with the times, make money, and ensure you’re never left with a broke, useless TV.


If you’re not at work, or in bed, you’re quite probably on your sofa a lot. After a hard day, you almost drag yourself to it on a daily basis. Although we learn the very comfort of our own sofas within days, so much so, that any other feels strange, it’s time for a change. Sofas sell pretty well and also come pretty cheap. The wear-and- tear is often noticeable, so by upgrading here and there, you’ll stick with the times, have something new, and comfortable, and who doesn’t want all of those endless hours of sofa-sitting to be done in supreme comfort?


Talk about saving the best for last. Your BED needs to be replaced. The frame, mattress, pillows, sheets. The whole lot. You spend over a third of your life in your bed, so why not do it in the best of fashions? With plenty of options nowadays, it’s easy to keep upgrading your bed every few years. You, like us, might like your sleep, so why sacrifice comfort for a few pounds, or a few months wait? The bed doesn’t have to break the bank, but it can be an upgrade you can’t live without. Get the rest you deserve.

If you take these steps on a regular basis, then you, in all likeliness, will have plenty of cash to spare, and a constant flow of new, fresh, modern all-important stuff. Materialistic stuff doesn’t always matter, but it’s clear you don’t want to short-change yourself on your comfort and happiness here, right?

Written by Ben Lawson 


  1. We were so pleased with our new bed last year - has helped my bad back so much. This year my phone contract comes to an end so could potentially upgrade - my son already has his eye on my one to use as his own if i get a new one!

    1. I got a new phone last year, but I really want a new TV this year and a sofa, but these things are not cheap eh xx


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