What is the cost of running a car ?

What is the cost of running a car?

So I'm sitting here watching the new Top Gear, and I'm so not loving it!!

Whilst I appreciate Chris Evans is a complete car nut and is always at Goodwood FOS and loaning out his cars there, I have no idea what Matt LeBlanc's love of cars is and halfway into the show I'm still not convinced!

I may be a bit biased for the old boys as we actually got tickets to Top Gear 4 years ago, so Evan's opening comment of 'new and improved audience'.... Rude.

I can't say anything to my partner as he seems to have been converted, I'm just going to moan on here instead!  Evan's laugh is going to drive me batty too!  Watching them drive in their Reliant Robins in a true Top Gear style I decided to find out how much my car costs thanks to Motoparks.

The calculation is very simple, and for anyone who is a car enthusiast like us, you should find it quite simple to use.  Just enter the number of miles per gallon your car does, how often you drive and the distance in section 1 and then complete section 2 which is the running costs such as tax, insurance, breakdown etc and press submit.

So my old girl is not costing me too much at the moment, but as she's an old girl she's starting to play up a bit, the worst part about Top Gear - is I always want at least one of the cars in the show, and with Max starting school in September I have every intention of purchasing a new car, with half the nursery funds!

Maybe not a Reliant Robin in Union Jack colours though........



  1. I loved the original Top Gear, but haven't bothered tuning into the new series. I just couldn't imagine it living up to the original

    1. I'm not a fan, I watched the first episode to give it a chance, but not watched it since!


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