Craft: How to make a treasure chest from a toy box

how to turn a toybox into a treasure chest
Can I turn this into a treasure chest?
As my readers know I like to dabble in upcycling, craft projects, kids crafts and a bit of jewellery making... but this is my hobby, this is my pleasure, this is not my job.

Why am I babbling?

My friend asked me to turn her toy boxes into treasure chests!!

I had a panic, I may have initially wanted to say no....
I'm a perfectionist and can pick holes in every single piece I make, I'm never convinced any can be sold let alone create commission pieces.....

But of course, I said yes!  

Materials used
Toy Box!
Gold card
Circle punch
Gold duct tape*
Brown Spray Paint
Clear Sealant Spray

I am really pleased with how well the paint went on and covered the boxes.
Turning Toy Boxes Brown
Reall pleased with how easy the paint went on 
Whilst the toy boxes were drying I also painted the hinges gold.  Can't have the hinges left red now!  Those took 2 coats, with a paint brush no less (not much of a fan of the brush).

I cut out a lot of round card to be placed over the gold strips when ready.

adding gold circles to the treasure chest

Once the lids were dry I added a treasure map on the inside of each, for this I used a paper tablecloth which had the pattern around the edge.

I smothered it all in Mod Podge so it was hard wearing as these chests are going back to preschoolers!

adding a map

Keeping a map protected

The inside of the boxes were blue so I added some fishes to make it an underground water scene.  I picked up the vinyl for a couple of pound from eBay.

adding fish transfers to give an underwater scene

The final steps were to add the gold strips across both the base and lid of the toy boxes and add the small round card to decorate as bolts.

Adding gold hinges to treasure chest
Getting ready to add some gold
Creating a treasure chest
All complete 
creating a treasure chest

What do you think?

I don't think I did too bad in the end, my friend seemed very pleased with them, and I'm sure her boys loved them as my son certainly did!  I love the idea of the maps on the inside of the lid and may use this idea when I decorate more toy boxes... because you know it's going to happen!

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