I can't help rescuing unwanted furniture

The old stool that no one wanted

That old stool up there was on a freecycle page a while ago, for over a week and no one wanted it, everyone looked over it for small, more up to date stools on the page.  In the end, I took pity on that stool and gave it a home, a project in the making.....

It then lived in my conservatory for about 4 months until a bit of sunshine changed its look.

I can only paint outdoors, so when the sun shone I went crazy and sprayed every project I had outstanding, including my friend's treasure chests.

spraying the seat base

The cushion itself proved to be a big challenge!  I was going to recover the whole cushion and add a new strip of velcro on, but in the end, I chose a small piece of material which has been in the drawer for a few years (I'm a hoarder!).

adding material to cushion

After staring at this hem for at least a day I decided I was not going to tackle this with a needle and thread.  I do not have the skills to attempt that, but what I did find is some fabulous tape which you run along the edges, cover with the material then ironed on.  Yes, that's what I like the sound of! (Except the ironing part... I may have burnt the carpet in the process!).

adding tape to cushion cover

Although there were only a few steps created to transform this old stool into a new funky one, it took quite some time and skill, I put this one down to experience, and hopefully will find a new home for it soon.  My son doesn't want it to leave the house, but then he doesn't want broken McDonald's toys and half a clappy hand from a party bag to leave the house either...

#upcycled piece

Furniture upcycled piece

Not too bad in the end eh?


  1. Do you watch 'More For Your Money' on BBC1 at 3.30pm in the afternoons? I usually watch it on catch up later as it is on when the kids are due in from school! I love it though as you see Sarah save three items of unwanted rubbish (usually furniture) from the skip and you see these pieces get renovated into something shto watch!e can sell on! If you don't watch it, I would recommend it for you

    1. Ohh Thanks Tracy, will find it today and record it, sounds fab!!!

  2. What a fab transformation. Your son sounds like he would get on well with my boys. They refuse to part with broken toys and similar junk

    1. Reminds me of the meme of trying to smuggle broken crayons out like a Mexican drug lord :D :D :D


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