The Magicians... in Cashmere

Recently I found a new series to watch called  The Magicians, and I loved it!  I couldn't wait for the next episode, and how it ended... Oh, I don't' think so.... so I bought the books!
The magicians books
So when I came across Dunedin Cashmere I just thought it was the perfect website to kit the characters out in, to me it screams Fillory, Brakebills and the secret world of forbidden knowledge.

From the Dunedin Cashmere website, these are the clothes I can see The Magicians wearing, and if this program takes off over in the UK as much as it has in the US, I rather fancy dressing as Alice for a future ComiCon.

Dunedin Cashmere
Cashmere C Neck / Billie Kilt / Classic Handbag / Tweed Jacket 
I do love it when worlds collide from the fashions at Dunedin to the magical world of Brakebills and Fillory - I highly recommend both
Collaboration Post


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  2. Your mommy blog is adorable Rach! YES, I loved this series, although there were some over-the-top moments for me. Quen is SO cute. We've often called it the sexy Harry Potter. Look forward to more if it continues.

    1. Thank you Marsha
      I can't believe how it ended !
      I need more !!


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