Review: The Tea Book's Collect Teables


How fabulous do these teas look?  and guess what, they taste just great!

When I was accepted to review The Tea Book's tea packets, I may have squealed a little!  I absolutely love the design of them!

Shake Spearmint a non-caffeinated mint tea, which has an amazing aroma and great taste.
Agatha Chris Tea is Earl Grey, a black caffeinated tea, which can be drunk on its own, with honey or in true British style... with a little milk.

However, if you like your teas I'm sure you will love these.
Collect teables

The idea behind the tea

Currently a Kickstarter project, The TeaBook is an idea to have a book to organise your teas in plus the wonderful literary teas to collect.

Each series of teas is drawn by different artists in their unique styles and as a subscriber, you will receive a new themed series of tea each month to add to your collection and your book.

The teas I have received have caused great conversation at work, and just put me in the right mood and soon as I see the packaging.
Agatha Chris Tea
The Kickstarter project itself has reached its goal, but you can still back it if you so wish (I'm slightly hooked on Kickstarter and have already backed 3 separate projects!).   If not, then feel free to keep track of their progress and purchase the teas direct from their website.

I'm a little bit in love with them, and so pleased I got the opportunity to review them.



  1. Ooh love the look of these teas. I've done quite a few tea reviews myself but never come across any like this

    1. They are on kickstarter at the moment, I'm slightly addicted to that site!! The mint is lush!

    2. Ooh, mint is one of my fave tea flavours. I keep meaning to plant some mint here, as I used to drink loads of free cuppas of mint tea at my old place just by popping a sprig from the garden in a mug of boiling water. And you can do the same with sage too


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