Country Baskets – Ready, Steady, Craft campaign


A couple of weeks ago I was challenged by the lovely people of Country Baskets to create my interpretation of Spring with their #ReadySteadyCraft project.

Craft, The Sunshine, and my boy - how could I say no to this!  But and this is a big but for me (to go along with my big butt....) we had to film it!!  Those who know me will know I do not like the camera - well I think the camera doesn't like me to be fair.... anyway, I went outside my comfort zone and filmed my son and I (loosely) making sun catchers.

Spring in our garden is all about the birds coming by to get their meal worms and the yellow and red tulips popping up, so these were our inspiration for making sun catchers, with a few other templates for good measure, which you can download in here.
#ReadySteadyCraft sun catcher templates

Once my templates were cut out I set about cutting up the tissue paper into strips to place on the back of the image, using the sticky back plastic as a base.
@CountryBaskets with the #ReadySteadyCraft
We then set up our crafting area in the garden.  I do have a photo but it's not flattering and that big butt mentioned earlier may be a primal focus of that shot - no one wants that.......

"We" decided that the black outline needed decorating, therefore, we put the sticky back plastic over the front of the template and flipped it so as to fill the inside with tissue paper.  This leaves the front ready for decorating with buttons.  My son's favourite part.
Making Sun catchers thanks to Country Baskets

Making Sun catchers thanks to Country Baskets
Once the back was completed and the plastic was trimmed, we flipped the pictures over and glued flowers, buttons, and butterflies on the front.  Glue is a big part of Max's crafty session, no matter what we are doing - yes, he'll put it in the paint if I don't watch him!
Making Suncatchers

I did suggest we hang them up at the window and watch the light come through, but my strong willed little boy had other plans for his..... they look much better on the trampoline, where the sun can shine right through!

Who am I to disagree, his craft, his imagination :-)

As a mentioned at the start, below is the video of us making our sun catchers.

Enjoy, we certainly did :-)

Please vote for our little sun catchers that we made over on Country Basket's special website.  We are the 3rd video along, would make our Summer xx



  1. Looks good fun. I'd have great trouble if a post required me to be filmed, as not only do I hate being photographed, but everyone else in the family is even worse at photography than me, and I'm fairly rubbish. Has been quite difficult achieving passable still shots of myself let alone a video

    1. Aw bless you, get on snapchat and practice :) xx

  2. what pretty suncatchers - i think they've turned out really well! x

    1. Thanks Rebecca, It was all about having fun in the sun for us, the competition side is a nice bonus but it's a vote one, and I'm not fan of those xx


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