Best Relationship with your child - DVD series

Best Relationship with your child giveaway
I am really pleased to be able to offer my readers a fantastic opportunity to win the complete set of DVDs from the fantastic Child Mental Health Centre worth £39 - The Best Relationship with your child.

These science-backed DVDs come with a wealth of games and play ideas that you can incorporate into your lives with your child.   Designed to maximise the time you have with your child to ensure it is fun, positive and meaningful.

6 out of 10 parents say they play with their child only occasionally!
How long is your child bonding time?

Dr Margot Sunderland

Dr Margot Sunderland is a highly respected child psychologist and psychotherapist, Director of Education and Training at the Center for Child Mental Health, and author of best-selling and critically acclaimed parenting book ‘The Science of Parenting’.

She’s just released a series of 3 DVDs entitled Best Relationship with your child, covering childhood from 0-12.  The DVDs discuss the science behind childhood brain development and the benefits of play and games with parent-child bonding. Packed full of new games to play with your child, even the busiest of parents can find useful tips to take from this and fit in moments of connections on even the busiest and stressful days.

I am currently working my way through these DVDs and can't recommend them enough.  Some of the activities shown we already do, we are often on the floor in the front room with our 'acrobats', I pretend I'm doing exercises, but what is key - the TV is not on when we play!!

I've still got a lot to learn from the DVDs and can't wait to incorporate the activities into our daily lives.

Giveaway - now closed

As I mentioned at the start, I have a full set of these amazing DVDs to give away to one of my lucky readers.  All I need you to do is complete the Rafflecopter below.  A number of options you complete is up to you.



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