Here are my Seven Back to School Essentials


This is such a tough one to call.  A few school parents have already purchased school uniforms for their children at the beginning of August.  I went into our local sports shop, which stocks the school uniforms, and was told to purchase them by the 2nd week in August before it starts to sell out!

If you don't have "that" school shop, or have a relaxed ruling for school uniforms, there are other options, such as supermarket-branded polo shirts.   Local Facebook pages are also a good source for preloved uniforms and also the school itself, whose PTA group may also have a preloved school uniform section.

For eco-friendly school uniform options try EcoOutfitters.


I don't know about anyone else, but I have always found Clarks to be busy and chaotic, they also referred to my son as a girl so now he won't go in there!  It is one of the only shops in our town for school shoes, and it seems everyone goes on the same day!  

I would suggest going to Clarks to get measured if you want and then moving on to other shops or online for your child's actual shoes.

It's always tough to know what brand to purchase if not going with Clarks, as you want the shoes to last until they are outgrown before falling apart!

We have used Term shoes which fortunately for us, the same sports shop that stocks the uniforms, stocks these shoes too, but they can also be purchased online and last as well as any Clarks-made shoes.


There is an abundance of stationery options both online and in the shops, it is always fun for the children to decide on what they want.  We have chosen Sprout Pencils this year.  We all know that pencils are replaced long before they are worn down and now there is no need to feel guilty for buying new pencils before needed.  

Sprout pencils are designed to be potted once no longer required!  The seeds are placed in the bottom of the pencil and called "seed capsules" and this section is where the magic happens.  You just ensure that the seed capsule is covered in soil and watered, and seedlings will soon appear.

Maths Sets - for older children

Maped Helix is an educational stationery brand with a long history.  Helix created and supply the famous Oxford brand, as in the Oxford Maths set most people had at school.
great back to school stationery from Maped Helix

I'm really impressed with the Helix Maped brand and will definitely be a company that I go back to over the summer holidays as I'm going through my back-to-school list!


For those who choose not to have a school meal in the canteen, why not check out Eco-friendly, funky lunchboxes from Neonimo.  Made from hygienic shatterproof plastic, these should last the school years.

Water Bottles

One of the most important accessories for school is the water bottle.  If your child wants to have something a little more unique like they are, then I would suggest having a look through Paperchase.  There are some great designs both in style, shape and design to choose from.

School Bag

Fjallraven bags may be slightly more expensive than high street school bags, but Fjallraven bags are made with people, animals and nature in mind and is a highly respected sustainable company.


  1. I love the back to school stationery shopping, these look fab

    1. I do love stationery too, much more fun than shopping for black trousers :)

  2. Can't believe our little ones are off to school! Time has flown by too quickly! What a fab stationery bundle - Don't show my son - my his own admission he is a complete stationery addict! x

    1. I know, they are too young.... too young... :)

  3. Oh fab! I generally hate shopping for back to school things but stationary is always such fun! This looks like a great bundle x

  4. These look good. It has reminded me I need to buy protractor and ink pen for next term

    1. I haven't used a protractor in a life time :D

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