Get Back to School Shoes with Term Footwear

Back in February, I wrote a review of Term's Wellington boots and how these boots were a well made, comfortable and warm pair of wellies, so when I was given the opportunity to review Term's back to school shoe range I was very keen.

No need to queue for hours to get your child's school shoes from the local shop in town - Term Footwear is a great alternative

Term Footwear Back to School Range

Term Footwear has a great selection of school shoes that to me challenge the leading high street shoes!  What is more, they have fared well in the recent debate regarding gender-neutral shoes (which they prefer to call gender equality shoes).

There is a great video created by Term Footwear which shows the day in the life of their shoes, and more importantly showcases all of their fabulous, high-quality shoes on offer.

Term Class 2 Shoes

My son is going into Year 1 when he returns to school in September, still very much learning with laces so I chose a pair of shoes which have Velcro fastening.   Fortunately for me over half the boy's school range have this fastening.

I love this, I love being able to have a good selection, to be able to review them at my leisure and not in what I feel a rather tense environment, rushed due to bored kids and grabbing what fits!

High-Quality School Shoes from Term Footwear

I got my son's feet measured in town earlier on in the month when it was less busy.  Knowing his shoe sizes I then reviewed the velcro range and picked out Term Class 2.  These shoes are manufactured from high-quality upper leather with strong thermo rubber soles offering excellent grip and flexibility.

After strolling around and running up and down the garden, it became quite clear very quickly that Max loves these shoes, they showed no signs of discomfort for him and look very elegant.

Once again I'm really pleased with Term Footwear products.  The quality of these shoes are amazing and at prices that rival high streets costs.  I love that I don't have the stress of going into town and waiting for around an hour get a pair of shoes.

No one wants to buy school shoes too early as children seem to grow like weeds over the summer so the last couple of weeks in August seem to be a crazy season in the shoe shops!  To review online, have the shoes delivered within a couple of days AND have my son love them - that's the perfect combination for me and Term Footwear have nailed it.

Alternative to buying school shoes than just high street

I received School Shoes from Term Footwear to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. I always dread school shoe shopping as it is so expensive, especially when you then have to also buy various trainers and football boots too, but the shoe shop was actually fairly quiet when I went last week of August unlike the uniform shop which was operating a ticketing system. Haven't heard of this brand

    1. Term are really love to work with Claire, you should keep an eye out for them on twitter. As for pricing I think these are in line with Clarkes and so far are fairing well. Fortunately our school uniform shop is really reasonably priced, but I do wonder if that's because I'm buying for a 5 year old and not 15!

    2. Uniform prices seem crazy here. I usually try to get as much as possible from secondhand sale, but they have just changed the sports kit design yet again which probably means there won't be much secondhand availability for ages. Plus I won't be able to sell our stuff on either when they outgrow it


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