My Ideal Living Room to binge watch Netflix

Netflix Chilling

I recently wrote a post on what I'd watched over the spring season, mainly on Netflix and in true binge-watching style - over a couple of weeks!  I do love to binge-watch programs, to be able to get the next episode straight after the first without waiting a week, yes, I may well be impatient or just lost in the moment - I can't quite decide.

As with most parents, I watch my shows late in the evening when Max is in bed.  When I'm too tired to blog or craft or just having a relaxing 'date night' evening.  For the programs that we watch together, we, chill out in the living room (as opposed to me crashing out in bed), so I thought I'd create my ideal Netflix and Chill Living Room.

The most important piece- the sofa, and as I'm a big fan of bright bold colours how perfect is this reclining corner sofa from Fishpool?!

With Netflix date nights, I never know whether we're watching comedy, action or horror so snuggle factor is a must....I am aware the Tardis blanket is not quite in keeping with the colours, but I do actually own this blanket and can often be found under it!
Cushions can be found on Etsy

Most importantly - settling in for the night.

Low lighting is a must so I've chosen the wonderful carnival lights that I feel give the cinematic feel and set the mood and the beautiful Pan glasses - again these can be purchased from Etsy.

Settling in for the night
Lamp & Table / Carnival Lights / Etsy Glasses 

The above would be my ideal setting for chilling out on a beautiful sofa in the front room once the little one is in bed, the house is quiet and it's time to snuggle down and lose ourselves in the world of Netflix.

I have to admit, I'm rather loving those glasses to the point I might just have to buy them!

What do you think, have I set the tone for a night of Netflix? 


  1. What brilliant ideas. I LOVE corner sofas after having one when i was a kid growing up but sadly can't find a way of getting one to fit in our current living room because we have double doors leading through to the next room. x

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I'm the same. We had a corner unit in our old house but I'm yet to re-arrange the front room again so I can accommodate one again :-)

  2. Looks wonderful! I may go out shopping soon too ;)


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