5 ways to decorate your home with fabrics

Image from Adam Ross Fabrics
I mentioned last month that I'm currently taking an online course for upcycling, and along with this course are various reference books to read, what has become apparent is not everything needs to be remade, rebuilt or repurposed.

If you don't have the time, space or experience to turn a chest of drawers into a garden planter or a set of pallets into a potting station then you can always experiment with fabrics.

Update cushions with new covers

I had some spare fabric left over from creating a jewellery box last year and decided to make a cushion from this, with no-sew fabric glue and toy padding, this is actually a rather simple process.
Creating cushions with no sew

Reupholster dated chairs

Study how a chair/stool has been put together.  Can the seat be removed?  Is the seat in good condition?  Remove the old material and use this as a template to cut out the new material; with the use of a staple gun, you can update your seating to match your decor.
Reupholstering a stool

Cover the Canvas

If you have some favourite fabrics such as beautiful chiffon, but not the confidence to create a cushion or reupholster a chair, then purchase some blank canvas' from any stationery/craft store such as Hobbycraft, Works etc and cover with your favourite material to make a visual piece on the wall.
Chiffon canvas prints

Create a bed canopy

I love this idea and would like to try this out one day with the black velvet mini hearts chiffons as I feel it's the perfect colour for our room. There is a great tutorial on woohome on how to create this look, so watch this space for an update on this one!

Accessorising letters

Letters are very much on trend but may not be the colour of your room, so a perfect way to coordinate is to choose the colours and patterns and wrap the fabric around your chosen letters.  There is very minimal effort involved with this task.  Double sided tape works well to hold the edges in place and no-sew glue to create the hems.
Fabric Letters

So those are my top 5 ideas for decorating your home with fabrics, but there are many more ways to revamp your home, the only limitation is your imagination.

Do you have a favourite go-to for decorating with fabrics?

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  1. You're always coming up with great upcycling ideas Rachael. The cushion is my favourite.

    1. Thank you Claire, I must admit I do love it and hide it away in my craft room ;)


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