Harry Potter Themed Picture Holder

Harry Potter Picture Frame

I used to have all our polaroid pictures around a mirror in our old house, but when we moved I had nowhere to put them so I hung them up in the hall like a washing line :)

Hanging up Polaroids like washing :-)

I love them, and often look at them all as I'm going up the stairs, but there are a few that I love, that didn't fit on the line, so I've made a little Polaroid Photo Holder for them - with a Harry Potter background.

Materials Used:
Picture Frame - sourced from a car boot sale for £2!
Double Sided tape
Twine / Jute
Harry Potter Scrapbook Paper

Take the backing and glass off the frame and run the twine across the in any pattern form you like.

Beautiful picture frame to be used to hang Polaroids

Add twine round the picture frame

Use the double sided tape on the Marauders Map to replace the background.  I love this!  I think the picture frame sets the map off nicely.
Mischief Managed

Harry Potter Picture frame for hanging your time turners

And that's it!

Just add small pegs which can be purchased from any craft/stationery store and photos.  But who's to say it has to be photos?  You can add earrings, keyrings, keepsakes... maybe even a time-turner...

My Harry Potter Picture Frame Photo Holder



  1. What a great idea. Looks really nice

    1. Thank you, I just loved the frame too much not to do something with it x


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