TMNT Personalised Picture Frame

TMNT Picture Frame

Being a huge Upcycling fan, I often wander around the charity shops and car boot sales with specific items in mind, such as old door handles for the potting station or spice racks for my POPs, but sometimes little gems just spring up!

Someone was selling a game that was incomplete, I forget the name of it but they only wanted 20p and it was made up of cards with the alphabet on, pretty funky looking and I thought these would look nice on a picture frame.

Letters make great visuals in frame

And like many of my craft projects... the cards sat on a shelf all summer.....mainly because it's taken so long to find the perfect picture frame.  My son has 7 letters in his name, and these cards are not small and as I'm all about creating thirty projects I waiting until we found the bargain £2 frame at another car boot.

Finding the perfect picture frame

You can see this is perfect, can't you?  Just the right length and great inner border that just need a bit of adjusting with a craft knife.
Cutting out the centre boards for the picture frame

I was originally going to change the background board with TMNT comic strips but decided to leave it plain to have the lettering stand out more - Michaelangelo is my son's favourite a the moment, so it was only right to have the background, Orange.

I sprayed the white board green, then set about redecorating the picture frame itself.

Respraying photo mounts

TMNT magazines are aplenty in our house, but I had to do this in stealth mode so my son didn't witness me cutting up his magazines  (it's OK, he doesn't know he's still got them so he won't miss them).
Adding TMNTs to a picture frame

Once the picture frame was finished and dry I set about putting all the pieces back in the very old picture frame.... and broke the glass!

Urgh!  It's my own fault, the glass was rather tight getting out in the first place, and in my haste to put everything back together I didn't give it the respect it deserved!

So now we have no glass, but it still looks great all the same!

My son loves it, and that's all that matters.

creating a personalised picture frame

Great picture frame for any TMNT fan

Can you spot which letter is the odd one out?  Wasn't a complete set of the alphabet after all ;-)



  1. Looks fab. Shame about the glass. I guess the X as it hasn't got the letters in the corners

    1. Trust me to pick a game that doesn't include an X! LOL, I think his daddy did well to disguise it :)


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