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HOF back to school coats and jackets

I mentioned last week that we have reached one of the big milestones - Starting School!  I know we all go through this; the disbelieve that our little ones are actually coming up to school age and venturing on to the next chapter in their lives....

I had been in denial with regard to Max starting school until we ventured to the local store to obtain the 'logo' branded jumper and polo shirts - fortunately, Max was playing up so the whole ordeal just felt like another day shopping rather than a big moment in time, and because of that I didn't have to worry about hold back any tears, I was too stressed with him running around the shop, that's not to say I wasn't choked up though!

We only have two items of clothing with the school logo on so we are free to shop elsewhere for the remainder of my son's 'back to school uniform', and I have seen some really great value, good quality items on the House of Fraser website.

One item we needed to purchase for the new term was a good quality winter jacket.  The school is a 10-minute walk away so we will, therefore, be walking home in all weathers.  My son needs a good, waterproof, hooded coat to keep him dry and warm.
Tog 24 jacket from House of Fraser - back to school range

House of Fraser's coat & jacket range is vast, and there is so many quality branded jackets to choose from I actually struggled to narrow it down to one.  What I ended up doing was putting all of the jackets I liked onto a Pinterest Board and choose from there!

What did I think of the Tog 24 Jacket from House of Fraser?

Tog 24 Jacket from House of Fraser back to school range
In the end, I settled for Tog 24 Eski Milatex Jacket - and it's beautiful!  I've gone for the navy option as the school colours are blue.  It has a thick lined hood with trim which zips right up to the chin and has a Velcro seal.

It is windproof, waterproof and machine washable.

Best of all, I felt the warmth of the coat when I took it off my son.  It had kept him warm in the short space of time he modelled it for me, and it goes bonus points because - HE LOVES IT!

It's slightly too big for him at the moment, but I can almost guarantee this will fit him perfectly by winter when it's needed the most.

I'm really pleased with my choice and whilst I'm not wishing for winter, I'm very confident with the right footwear the journeys home will be effortless thanks to House of Fraser's jacket range.
Ready for winter with House of Fraser's Back to School Jacket range

I received a jacket from House of Fraser to review.
The above wording is all my own and not influenced by products received.


  1. Looks great. I've always assumed House of Fraser would be expensive, so have never looked for kids clothes there, so will bear in mind. I had a big parenting fail on winter coats last year as bought them in a hurry. Thought the boys had agreed on them, but once it got cold, son2 refused to wear his. Luckily still had son1's old one, so just used that instead, although it was looking rather ropey, as son1 has a habit of rubbing against any wall we walk past

    1. I know what you mean, Max can be a very fussy dresser - for a 4 year old!!


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