Top 5 universities in the North of England

September is here, and it's all about schooling!  My son starts school next week - so why am I even thinking about universities?  One day it's going to happen, and with the cost of higher education these days, we've started to save already!

We have been saving since my son was born and he's already built up a nice little sum that he can use later on in life should he decide to go to university, and with that being said, listed below are the top 5 for the North of England:

Edge Hill University 

Situated in Ormskirk, just a short journey away from the busy metropolis that is modern Liverpool, Edge Hill combines campus living with the ability to get out into the incredible Liverpool shopping district, enjoy gigs at the Cavern (where The Beatles famously got their big break,) and hit the various clubs – all while being expertly tutored towards a degree that will stand you in good stead for the future.

University of Huddersfield 

The University of Huddersfield is continually bestowed with awards and accreditation on account of offering an incredibly high standard of education across a wide range of subjects. University of Huddersfield accommodation is arguably the best in the north of England, and there’s plenty to do locally. Leeds is just a stone’s throw away and, with great transport links, there no excuse for missing that concert or club night.

Lancaster University 

 Lancaster is a uni which believes in investing in its students to bring out the best in them. This ultimately means that cutting-edge technology, well-resourced libraries and fantastic sports facilities are the order of the day. It’s campus-based and each house has its own bar, so there’s ample opportunity for a pub crawl if that’s your kind of thing.

University of Manchester 

 As the second-highest performing university in the UK, it’s easy to see why so many students are attracted to Manchester. It’s an establishment which invests in research, making it an ideal choice for those in the science and technology fields. The newly constructed Media City, the host to a number of broadcasters including the BBC, is nearby, so it’s an ideal opportunity for media students to get a foot in the door.

University of Leeds 

 A traditional red brick university, Leeds offers a wealth of different courses and some of the finest academics in the country are based there. It’s a busy university based in a vibrant multicultural city which offers plenty to see and do. Leeds has particularly been popular with music fans and has a large number of venues, with gigs taking place seven days a week.

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