Adding a little Touch of Luxury to Your Home


With housing prices on the rise in much of the country, many people are now starting to consider how they can improve their current home rather than looking for something else on the market.  After all, sometimes a new coat of paint can bring a whole new life to a room that previously felt unloved. Here are a few of the ways you could add a touch of luxury to your own property.

Touch of Luxury

Choosing Darker Colours

These days, many of us prefer to use lighter tones to decorate our homes.  Typically, this help makes a room feel more inviting and can even have the effect of making a room feel larger than it really is. According to colour psychology, darker colours like purple are often associated with wealth.  This has long been the preferred choice of royalty and nobility and, when combined with gold, can bring an element of extravagance.  However, darker tones like this have a tendency to absorb light so may not be suitable for every home.  Choosing grey or silver tones rather than white is a great way to create a more modern, luxurious setting.

Finding the Perfect Windows

There are lots of ways you can utilise windows to add a touch of luxury to your home, from contemporary, ceiling view skylights to more traditional options.  One of the defining characteristics of the beautiful Georgian townhouses that make up London is their period setting sash windows. Updating these with modern standards like double glazing can be difficult, but fortunately, there are other alternatives from companies like Mighton Products that look just as good.  Whether you're placing old classics or attempting to create a retro-chic look, these can be a great solution.

Focus on the Little Details

Finally, the real trick to creating a luxurious setting is going the extra mile on the finishing touches. The ideal room to try this in is the bathroom.  If you've gone for a clean, white aesthetic, you might be tempted to go for chrome finishes on your taps and other fittings to complete the modern look.  Instead, consider splashing out on something bold like polished brass or copper to make your room stand out.  Another way you could do this is to try and create a focal point in a room.  Architectural features, like a fireplace, are a great start or you could invest in a unique chandelier or piece of artwork.

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