Back to School upcycling with Rust-oleum

Back to School upcycling

At the end of the summer holidays, I received a fantastic bundle of goodies from Rust-oleum, and over the past few weeks in between studying, working and getting over the massive milestone of my son starting school I've been having a play with some of these paints.

Painting Jars

Rust-oleum has a beautiful 'painter's touch' range and I was very very pleased with how this product went on my jars (collected from jam, coffee, and sweeteners.... so many jars, so little time).

Rustoleum spray paints for glass jars

I've used my small jars for this project as I want them to hold chalks and whiteboard pens (which will be part of a future project).

I love the transformation!  I have these to jars now sitting pride of place on our dining table, aren't they just wonderful!

Rustoleum spray paints for glass jars

Rustoleum spray paints for glass jars

Bulbasaur Pokemon Chalkboard 

We have one Pokemon crazy boy in our house and so I decided to make him a Bulbasaur chalkboard thanks to my upcycling course and Rust-oleum's chalkboard paint.

Bulbasaur Pokemon Chalkboard

This can be made with any wood/boards you have in the house.  An old picture frame backing would work great for this.  I, for once, couldn't find a suitable piece so ended up buying a sheet of MDF - but I have plans for my MDF, so come back soon to see what else I have created with it...

For this piece, I printed out a template onto 4 A4 pieces of paper to get a good size Bulbasaur!
Bulbasaur template

The sheets were taped together, cut out and then taped onto the MDF sheet.  I was originally going to draw around the template, but my partner sprayed the edges instead of giving us an instant template to cut out - bit of a result!.
Bulbasaur Pokemon Chalkboard

Bulbasaur Chalkboard
This was cut out with a handsaw, a lot of patience and then sanded.
Bulbasaur Pokemon Chalkboard

Placed on my 'special flooring' (yes the painting corner...), I sprayed the board with Rust-oleum's chalkboard.  I love this paint!  This brand of chalkboard went on smoothly with no spitting and I'm so so pleased with the result and could not wait to show my son in the morning.

Bulbasaur Pokemon Chalkboard

So these are my upcycled pieces that you could try with this great range from Rust-oleum.  As I mentioned above, I have a couple more projects on the go so do pop back and see how we now have a portable whiteboard and what Halloween plans I have for the peel-able paint.

Which Pokemon would you choose to make into a chalkboard?

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