September Seeds with Suttons

I don't know when it happened, but it slowly crept up on me!  I've started to put my socks on in the evening, and shutting the back door as it gets dark rather than leaving it wide open until I go to bed.... autumn is here, and it's time for me to tidy up the garden, put the summer toys away and plant the winter seeds.

For my September seeds, I've chosen 6 packets from Suttons' Flowers to sow in September range.
What seeds can be sown in September

I have a dog, so not all that is listed are practical for my garden, therefore, I used my own blog's infographic on what plants are poisonous to cats & dogs to choose my seeds.

September Seeds with Suttons
The seeds I planted this weekend were all blue, wild, or just good old fashioned pretty flowers.  The idea is to keep encouraging nature in our garden next year, and with clear instructions on the packets, I'm secretly confident I've done a good job!

Suttons Seeds

The Suttons website is very easy to navigate around.  The 'when to grow' section has a listing down the side for each of the months so you know which seeds can be sown in which months.  Great for those of us who have no idea when to plant anything that isn't a bulb.... not just me right?

The packets themselves are of great value from 0.99p for Sunflower seeds to £3.99 for Cyclamen Hardy seeds.  There is also plenty to choose from for those who do have dogs & cats and are concerned they may eat the plants.

It's really no surprise that there is such an array of seeds as Suttons have over 200 years of gardening knowledge and expertise and therefore, have built an enviable reputation for quality products with guarantees to get the most out of your garden.

Preparing my Cactus Seeds

Whatever your gardening needs, I'm sure you'll find what you want over at Suttons and if you like to browse a magazine in the garden, Suttons also offer a catalogue that can be sent via the post.

Let's not forget, gardening is also good for your mental health.

The website has a lot to offer and is not just a shop site for seeds, there is a knowledge base section, gardening grows how and gardening videos to name a few sections, and I would recommend having a browse around if nothing else.

So, you know what my garden plans are, do you have any autumn plans for your garden?

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