Repurposed household containers

Coffee and sweetener repurposed containers

Those who read my blog will know that I've signed up for NCC's Upcycling online course.  I'm a couple of modules in and there are various projects that one can try, I'm really looking forward to obtaining some MDF for a project for my son's room.... but in the meantime, I've been upcycling my items from the recycling box!

Decoupage sweetener jar

One of the most popular ways to decoupage a jar is to use napkins.  So to obtain the effect above I used love themed napkins, Mod Podge and an empty jar.
Materials needed to upcycle a coffee jar

I pulled the napkin sheets apart and tore them up into various shapes!

prepping napkins for decoupage

torn napkins in preparation for decoupage

I used the Mod Podge to cover the jar and then placed each of the torn pieces over it.
Once completed, the whole jar was covered with Mod Podge to seal and protect the napkins.


That's all there is to it, just a bit of time and careful covering and you have yourself a new storage pot, I'm using mine for my ever-growing scissor collection!

Repurposing an coffee jar

My second piece was much simpler and quicker to make.

Spray paint tin cans for repurposing

This was a tin can that I sprayed with my son's new favourite colour... you may recognise the colour from when I posted up the freshly painted 'treasure chest' on Twitter.

spray painting an old can for new purpose

How beautiful is the finish on this!  I was going to leave it as is!

Instant uplift of an old tin can

I did give the can a few stickers, not too much as I loved it plain, but I don't think I over did it.
Upcycled tin unit for storage

So these are my repurposed upcycled pieces from my recycling box as per module 3 of my upcycling course - do you think I'm on the right track to pass?

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