Creating a keepsake box

Creating a memory box from a box frame
I may have popped into Hobbycraft last week when there was a sale on..... I needed A4 white card for my son's birthday party...... so it's only natural that I came out with a deep box picture frame!

We have lots of tickets, invites, photos and keepsakes that are in various places around the house, so I decided to make a keepsake box to store them all in, thanks to my Hobbycraft bargain.
Using a box frame for a memory keepsake box
I took my box apart - carefully so I didn't have any incidences like my TMNT frame! Then added a little quote on the glass front from various stickers that I already had.
adding a quote to a memory box
I took off the top panel of the box with my handsaw, sanded and then re-covered with black washi tape.

I then took out the top of the inner panel the same way.
Removing panels from a box frame to make a memory box

Cutting off the top of a picture frame box to make a slot

The back board is a perfect 8 x8 scrapbook size, and I decided on my Gorjuss books scene paper for the background.

Once all of the above was completed I set about putting the frame back together and to my delight, the box is strong enough to keep all the sections secure with just 3 panels.
Cutting out the top section of a box frame to make a memory box

Gorjuss backing paper in a box frame

What do you think?  I love it, and can not to see it fill up.

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