Review: Savisto Popcorn Maker

Vintage Style Popcorn Maker
Trying out Savisto's Vintage Style Popcorn Maker
Savisto is a new company that specialises in homeware and kitchen accessories with a focus on modern, innovative, cooking and meal prep accessories for style-conscious people.

They pride themselves on offering quality products at competitive prices and I feel they have achieved this with their beautiful Vintage Style Popcorn Maker, at a very respectable price of  £23.99.
Savisto Vintage Style Popcorn Maker
Testing out this beautiful-looking Vintage Style Popcorn Maker

What I thought of Savisto's Popcorn Maker

The box shows exactly what you are getting, so when I got my popcorn maker out of the box, there were no surprises.  It is beautifully red in colour and comes with 6 popcorn boxes (which I just love!), and you can always buy more of these boxes from Savisto's website.
Savisto Popcorn Maker
Getting ready for a night in with River and popcorn made from Savisto's popcorn maker
It doesn't come with popcorn kernels, which I didn't expect it to, but my partner did.  This quite amused me, and then I saw on Savisto's website that someone has also commented on this in their review.

You wouldn't expect ingredients to be supplied with a food processor, smoothie or ice cream maker, but we seem to think we should have popcorn kernels.  These can be easily purchased from your local supermarket, so I would suggest buying them as soon as you've ordered your maker.
Popcorn Kernels for the vintage style popcorn maker
Popcorn Kernels can be purchased from any local supermarket
The process is very quick and simple.  The lid serves as a measure so no additional equipment is needed, but I would suggest using a bowl to catch the popcorn as it comes out so you can add your own flavouring before transferring to the popcorn boxes.

We experimented with a few flavours, icing sugar in one box, honey covered in another (rather nice) and we melted butter whilst the popcorn was popping and poured over our bowl before transferring to our last box (my favourite).

I found the popcorn all cooked nicely, with a few left in the bottom a bit burnt, but only a few, and those we just got rid of.

My son absolutely loves this machine!

My son loved the whole process and it's a great way to start a night in.  As the night are starting to turn a bit colder, we got under a blanket and watched our favourite movie - tonight was Harry Potter.  I personally am looking forward to this weekend when I've got an evening to myself and River Phoenix.
Settling in for the night with Popcorn and River Phoenix
Film night with Savisto Popcorn Maker
I'm really pleased with our Savisto product and chose the popcorn maker as I knew this would be a great family product to get involved with.  But Savisto offers a great range of products from the Kitchen, Gifts & Gadgets, to Bathroom, Outdoors and Beauty.

I've put together my top 9 favourite products from the website in a Pinterest board above, do any of these take your fancy too?


  1. I haven't heard of Savisto but they're products look awesome! LOVE the retro design x

    1. Thanks Donna, they have some lovely products don't they x

  2. Could do with this as we're watching Jurassic World dvd right now. I've only ever made popcorn in a pan

    1. I've never made it in the pan, but this was good fun :D

    2. My pans have the see-through lids, so also fun as you can watch the corn popping


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