Halloween Wreath Crafts

October is the month for creating all sorts of weird and wonderful Halloween Crafts.  I was fortunate enough to receive a great Halloween themed craft bundle from Vikings last year and what immediately jumped out at me was the fabulous Halloween coloured wool.

Halloween Wreath

Now I'm sure it will come to no surprise that I can't knit, and haven't made pompoms in years (although that is on my list of projects to try with Max), so the perfect use of these great colours was to make Halloween Wreaths

Materials needed to make Halloween Wreaths

Materials needed for Halloween Wreaths

* Polystyrene Rings*
* Wool
* Glue
* Accessories
* Ribbon

Halloween Crafted Wreaths

Once you've picked your pattern, wrap the wool around the ring.

I was originally going to make a white spider's web once the wool was wrapped around, but I then found some black netting that I'd used to cover the ceiling a few years ago and decided to give my wreath a little extra 'flare' instead.

I also used last year's Ping Pong ghosts that I made and glued them to the wreath, with the aim to turn them on in the evenings.
Using ping pong balls to make Halloween ghosts

Ghost Halloween Wreath

I loved the finished result of my black and orange wreath, so I only glued a few spiders on it - less is more.  The final step for both is to attach a ribbon on the wreath to be able to hang up for Halloween.

Halloween Wreath Accessories

Black and Orange Halloween Wreath

Yellow and Black Halloween Wreath

I've rather enjoyed making these, and have already started making one for autumn.

What do you think?  Have you decorated wreaths?  I'm finding them slightly addictive!

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