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As I continue with my online course with NCC, I'm currently reading through 'upcycling for the garden' and I thought now would be a good time to reflect what I've achieved this year, what I'd like to achieve next year and what style of outdoor living I'd like for 2017.

Dedicated Potting Area

Of the projects that I undertook this year, my potting station was by far my favourite piece.  I now have a dedicated area where I can plan my garden, pot up my seeds and the steps (which are not currently shown) also act as a seating area, to just sit and watch nature fly by.

Future Garden Projects

With the creation of our bug hotel, shoe rack and potting station, I think it's safe to say there is a pallet theme in my garden, so it should come to no surprise to know that I have a couple more projects up my sleeve for next year.  I want to attempt a mud kitchen for my son's section of the garden and a giant chess set for me to teach him to play on......

Garden Furniture wishlist

Pinterest is my favourite place to pin my wishlists, and whilst I do love to create projects in the garden, I also have a plans next year to purchase some outdoor lighting, whilst it won't be getting dark until 9/10pm in the summer, I like the idea have had additional lightly when it becomes dusk.

My second, and possibly more importantly, mainly outdoor living purchase for next year would be a BBQ!   We had one in our old house, and in all honesty, I have no idea why we got rid of it!  Maybe because we had a small garden, and it wasn't to our taste?  Whereas I love our current garden, and love to share it with friends and family, so maybe that is why I'm happy to spend more time outside now.  When in reality no matter what home I'm in, if we have a garden, we should cherish it, for not everyone gets to sit out in the summer evening sun!


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