Table top whiteboard / Chalkboard

Doodle Wall paint

I wrote last month how we used some of the Rust-oleum paint products to create pen pots and the wonderful Bulbasaur Chalkboard, but we didn't stop there!  Carrying on with the learning and 'back to school' theme I used the Doodle Wall paint to create a new portable white and chalkboard.

The Doodle Wall paint is designed to use on a whole wall (or door) and instantly turns the wall into a huge doodle pad!  Unfortunately, we don't have a clear wall to create this on, so I decided to make a portable 'wall' instead.

I had plenty of MDF left over from when we created the Bulbasaur board so I sprayed one side with the chalkboard paint - hindsight - I should have done this second!

Once the black was dry I flipped the board over and primed the whiteboard side.
Doodle Wall paint works on MDF too

The Doodle Wall comes in 2 parts.  Part B, the small bottle is poured into the tin and mixed.  Once this has been activated the tin is good for 4 hours - but only 4 hours so make sure you are ready to go with this.

When the board was dry I added some edging.  I did this so we can flip the board over and not have the pens from the whiteboard mark the floor, table etc or have the chalk smudge.

It's a great portable piece that both boys in the house love!  We've been using the whiteboard side for learning numbers and drawing....
Using the Doodle Wall paint

Portable whiteboard with Rustoleum

The edging worked well when we turned the board over to use our imagination on the chalkboard side - the drawings were unaffected on the other side :)
Chalkboard Paint portable board

Chalkboard Paint portable board

It's a great little tool to use when helping little ones learn, play and just use their imagination.


  1. Looks fab. Much better than the whiteboard I made last year


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