Creating a spinning wheel for a Christmas Fair

I previously wrote how we had made an Olaf throwing game for my son's Christmas Fair, and that we had actually agreed to make 2 new games, the second being a spinning wheel!

I do feel that this was another one of my 'seems simple enough' in my head ideas, as I had done with the Marvel Shelf that we had created!

But, my partner true to form, created this fabulous Christmas Spinning wheel.

This was no easy task, and we had several hurdles to overcome, the first being what we were going to use as the wheel, we had the options of either cutting out a circle from MDF or using a Lazy Suzan, but whilst in Hobbycraft sourcing other materials, we found a perfect round cake board!

Cake board for a spinning wheel
I used the board as a template and once the card was cut, it was folded into 4 which gave me the centre.
finding the centre for a spinning wheel

Once the card was glued onto the board I used masking tape and painted each of the section in lovely bright colours for the children.

For the actual game to work, I decided on having Christmas images that the children can pick to win them a prize.  The idea being if their character stopped on the marker, they win a prize.

For the stand, I used some basic MDF boards which I'd managed to source from my local freecycle group.  Using our Ryobi tools the stand took no time to make, and our next hurdle was how we got the wheel to balance and spin!

The pin in the middle is actually a wheel castor from Wilkos, without the actual wheel obviously!  But I'm still impressed with this, I take no credit for the idea, as with the cake board, this was all my partner's doing!

Once the wheel was in place, all that was left was to add a ticker!  The board had wooden dowels added to each colour change and a pencil cut in half was used to hold the cable tie in place.

adding a ticker to a spinning wheel

With that, the game was complete and ready to help raise funds for my son's local school.  We saw it in place when we visited the school, and it seemed to go down well.

Max was a bit sad to see it go, but being my chief tester he did give it a good few spins the week before.

How to create a spinning with for a Christmas Fate with


  1. I LOVE this idea! And how perfect was the cake board for the job! x

    1. I know! I was on the hunt for a Lazy Suzan (very expensive) and up pops a cake board! So perfect!

  2. Another really clever idea

    1. Thank you Claire, this was a bit more tricky this one


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