DIY Wooden Advent Calendar

I was recently asked on behalf of Action Storage, retailers of school lockers online if I would like to take part in their DIY Wooden Advent Calendar challenge.

Make it your own DIY wooden advent calendar competition

The advent calendar can be purchased from Hobbycraft, and the competition entrants were also given a Hobbycraft voucher to use on materials to decorate the calendar..... Hobbycraft, yep, that's me sold!

In my mind, I had an idea of red and white colours, not sure why maybe the image above had swayed me on those colours until Olaf and Elsa gave me the inspiration to choose the colder colours of white and blue.

My trip to Hobbycraft saw me buying lots of sparkles, glitter and stars - very much channelling Elsa that day, I may have brought large white foam A1 cards for an Olaf throwing game for my son's Christmas fair, and goodies for me - but that's for another day's post.

I've mentioned in previous posts that painting is not my strong point, so I surprised myself when I decided to paint my advent blue and white rather than decoupage the calendar.

I added some leftover wadding for the snow on the roof and covered the white section with lots of glitters.

The intermediate stage - not quite finished and not quite good yet

For me, as with all my crafts, this is very much the intermediate stage, I know where I want to get to but it's not looking anything like how I imagined.

My favourite step was adding the finishing touches before adding the numbers.  I have some lovely blue and white, and silver snowflakes to finish the scene off.
snowflakes and glitter to give a snow scene effect

Finally, here's my Frozen-inspired DIY Advent Calendar:

I think Elsa and Olaf approve.


  1. looks fantastic - now waiting to see what you will reveal behind each door

    1. Oh dont! It's a good job I've go a few days to sort that bit out!


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