Upcycling ideas for the home

With Christmas well and truly tucked away back in the loft, I was left with various tubs, jars and tins in the recycling bin, just waiting to be given a new lease of life.

Not all the items above got sprayed with my fabulous Metallic Copper paint, as I plan to decoupage the Heroes tin and the plastic blue bowl is not the right surface, but I was so pleased with how well the paint went on to my glass jars!

I'm liking the middle step and if the tape had gone on more smoothly I might have left the jars as they were!  Good to know for future projects.

Some very quick and easy jars.  The few materials used were Rust-oleum spray, marking tape, empty glass jars and a little bit of patience.

But my favourite piece that I decorated with leftover Christmas recycling items was the sweetie jar!

This is a great size plastic jar, which can hold quite a few smaller dinosaurs that usually get lost at the bottom of the toy boxes.

A quick transformation to the lid and a purchased dino from the local charity shop... (as my son knows exactly how many he has, and would not take kindly to me spray painting one!!), and we have a new storage pot.

I also touched up some pine cones and an old plant pot and the transformation is truly stunning.

I would recommend having a look around your home and see what needs touching up and just give it a go or, pop down to your local charity shop and have a good root around in the household section and visualise the products with a new lick of paint - and experiment.

You'll be surprised with how lovely your results will be.



  1. Wow. They all look fab. I think the surface underneath must be important, as looks so much brighter than when I used one of their spray paints last year on a branch

    1. Oh that's interesting, I've not had issues with Rustoleum, and I used an old can of red paint on my stool a few years ago and it was still really bright. I wonder if you had a dodgy can? I'll spray some branches over the weekend with the Metallic and see what happens x


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