Reupholster an old stool with a Disney Toy Story theme

reupholstering an old dressing table stool with Toy Story fabric

I upcycled an old stool for a friend for Christmas.  I had two of these stools and wasn't sure what to do with the second one .... until my son appeared to get too attached to my friend's new present!!
reupholstering an old dressing table stool with Star Wars Fabric

So, as my boy is Toy Story crazy right now, I went on the hunt for some material to use for his new stool!

I planned to use the fabulous Chalkboard Paint for the wood and as I'd done this before no problem... NOT!  Seriously, this second stool of mine has taken me an age to do!   I guess the weather hasn't helped as I have to do the painting outside due to lack of space and ventilation, so the slightest bit of wind blows all sorts of dust and specks onto the paint.

Anyway, I finally cut a break with the weather -  yes, in among our 70-mile winds gales we had one day of sunshine, so armed with my paint and a lunch break, I finally got around to giving the stool its final coat.

I managed to find a lovely black Toy Story fat quarter on eBay for the seat.  I absolutely love this piece.  It has 3 of the main characters on it and the 3 that my son plays with the most, so that was a result!
eBay is a good source for movie fabrics

For this piece, I have changed this dated dressing table stool into a new seat for my son,  which now sits pride of place in the front room and is a BIG hit with my boy, so much so, he's forgotten all about my friend's Starwars seat.

Best of all, I can just revamp it as he grows to whatever the next fad is.

The main materials used were Chalkboard spray paint, eBay fabric and my faithful staple gun and we went from this:

Updating an old dressing table stool

We now have this.

Toy Story dressing table stool


  1. Ohh wow! That looks fantastic!! Well done x

  2. wow - looks amazing! that fabric really suits the stool now its all painted up so nicely. xxx


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