How I Improved An Old Deckchair In a Day

I have the most fantastic free-up group on Facebook!  I think every single person in my town and surrounding areas use it as there are over 15k members!  The group was set up a few years ago inspired by Kirstie Allsopp's 'how to fill your house for free' and some true gems pop up - such as this wonderful unwanted child's deckchair.

old deckchair to revamp

I fell in love with it!  I did give the cover a wash but it was too faded and marked to rescue so I knew I would need to face my nemesis which was currently sitting in my craft room "broken"!

I turned to my manual and google to try and work out what was wrong with my sewing machine.  I tried everything to try and fix why my bobbin wasn't working, why the thread wasn't picking up and why it was bunching!

Over the space of 3 days I tried it and gave up, swore, tried again.  Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and adjust the tension in the bobbin case AND IT WORKED!!!  I feel like I've made such a breakthrough with my machine, and we've become a little closer!

Choosing new fabric for a child's deckchair

I tacked and sewed a new fabric for the chair.  I was so so pleased with myself.  I know it's just a straightforward piece of material with hoops at the top and bottom and a hem, but it's a major step for me and my sewing machine!!

With the material decided I went for Rust-Oleum's Ink Blue furniture paint, and I feel it sets off the material beautifully.  With the bright sunshine, the two coats of paint were completed in the day, which meant I could thread the material through and have the chair ready for my son the next day.

Rustoleum chalky finished ink blue paint

And he loves it!

What do you think?  I'm so pleased it turned out so well.

Deckchair upcycle

Our lovely little deckchair has been saved from the tip!


  1. It looks wonderful, I've been looking to get some deckchairs for the garden (plus we can pop them in the car for trips to the seaside

  2. Wow. You've done an amazing job with this. BTW your newer and older post links seem to have got out of order

    1. Thanks Claire.

      I've messed my links up over Easter :(

    2. Oh dear. Hope you work out how to resolve it. I'll be back soon to catch up reading your posts


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