Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

There is nothing better during summer than spending time in your own backyard whether you are relaxing alone or entertaining friends. Now that the weather is finally improving and summer is nearing, it is important for homeowners to turn their attention to their gardens and how they can get them prepared for the best time of the year. Here are a few top tips to rejuvenate your garden:

Lawn Treatment 

An attractive, green and well-maintained lawn can transform a backyard, but the harsh winter months will leave all lawns looking a little worse for wear. Now is the perfect time for lawn treatment, which you can either do yourself with a little effort or alternatively seek out lawn treatment services.


Summer is all about colour and life, so planting some colourful flowers is a great way to inject colour and they will contrast beautifully against your fresh green lawn. If you have little experience in tending to your garden then you may want to opt for easy-to-care-for flowers, including sunflowers, zinnias, aster and pansies.

Outdoor Furniture 

In order to spend quality time outside you will need some comfortable outdoor furniture. A social area complete with a large table and chairs will allow you to entertain guests and sit outdoors, whilst a bench may also be a great place for simply relaxing with a good book. Great-looking garden furniture can really make a difference to the look and feel of the space, so be sure to look out for stylish and comfortable pieces that will complement your garden. In addition to furniture, you may also want to consider outdoor lighting so that you can continue to be outside once the sun goes down.

Fresh Paint

The rain and wind will have taken its toll on your perimeter fence and gate, which will bring down the tone of the backyard. By adding a fresh coat of paint and treating your fence it will make the entire area look neat and tidy.

Finishing Touches 

Finally, you will want to add some personality with a few decorative touches, perhaps investing in some lawn games or kid's toys if you have a family and anything else that would make the area a welcoming and fun place to be during summer.
Adding the finishing touches to getting a garden ready for summer

Many happy memories are made in the garden during the warmer months of the year whether it is a bit of peace and quiet or a lively BBQ with friends and family. Make sure that you are ready to make the most of this time of the year by getting your space ready for the hottest period with the above tips.

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  1. great tips - we finally got around to planting a few flowers this year to try to brighten up the garden. x


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