What is your perfect way to relax in the garden this summer

The British summer is finally here, and if you're anything like me, now is the time to revisit your garden furniture and scour Pinterest for inspiration on decorating your garden with beautiful furniture to sit back and relax in.

I have a whole host of ideas, projects and furniture in my Garden Ideas board and for me, to appreciate my garden and fully relax would be in the evenings when the mayhem of the day has gone to bed and the quiet of dusk approaches.

So with that being said, my top 3 designs for a perfect way to relax in the garden would be as follows;


Always to set the mood.  For a glass of wine, a chat with loved ones or just the quiet of a good book once the kids have all gone to bed is helped to relax by some soft lighting.  As the sun is setting a little lighting to show off the hard work carried out in the garden goes a long way.


There is some really beautiful rattan furniture around, and to me, I love how the rattan look makes a garden appear very stylish and elegant, which for me would be most enjoyed with the calm of the night, accompanied by a chilled drink and good company.

As I mentioned about, there are a lot of designs in the rattan look such as dining sets and sofa sets, but as this is my perfect garden wish list, I want a day bed.  Yes, in the evenings, I want a day bed to put my feet up with my wine, and I could easily mistake relaxing in my garden - to being on holiday!


The detail is what makes it your own, what makes you want to go out and relax.  Granted the lighting will set you in the mood and the furniture will help you, but what do you want to do?

Wifi speakers should easily reach to the garden.  Glasses don't need to be plastic non-breakables if this is adult time, I'm sure we can all handle a glass or two, so why not treat yourself to something sparkling.

Invite your loved one.  What better way to chat and find out what is going on with each other than outside, away from technology (excluding the speaker), away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Make sure you're the house is secure at the front and your children can be heard if you're needed, then take some time out and just enjoy each other.

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