Planting Cactus In Pots Around The House

Finding little pots to plant Cactus in

I'm going to be honest here guys, I don't own houseplants for a very good reason.  I'm sure I'm not alone here but they just die on me!  I talk to them and water them (when I remember) yet they would rather die than live with me!!

So whilst at the garden centre this weekend I thought I'd try growing some cacti - surely I can't kill these off eh?  Saying that a couple of them already look a bit dodgy, so I'm not taking that ownership on if those 2 die!


I wanted to originally plant these in seashells but let's face it, these are spiky little suckers and there is no way I was going to fiddle around trying to plant these inside little holes whilst they're trying to kill me!

Cans and Jars

For little succulent plants, I've found small tins such as tuna, sweetcorn and baked beans make ideal containers.  I'm often redecorating my food containers and repurposing them.  This is such a quick and easy way to transform junk into style to match your home decor.

Glass jars also make lovely containers and are possibly my favourite.  You can leave the jars clear with the plant inside, but as I mentioned earlier, that can be a prickly job if you've got cactus to plant!  Or, you can decorate the jar itself as I have done, and have the cactus sitting on the top.

Redecorating existing pots

I had quite a few plants so rather than having 9 small pots all around the house I decided to use one of my charity finds.  Earlier on in the year I'd picked up a 50p plant pot and sprayed it metallic with some Frozen snowflakes around the top.

I added some aquatic stones around the top, as I feel plant pots are a little undressed left with the mud showing, anyone else feel that?  I'm rather pleased with the results
A cluster of Cactus in a repurposed pot

So now I have 9 little cactus plants dotted around the house, let's see if I can keep these guys alive.



  1. Look fab. Good luck with keeping them alive. I'm exactly the same with most house plants. Just had to bin a dead poinsettia that I was given at Xmas. But I have had my first success with an orchid I was given last year. It is just starting to flower again

    1. Oh well done :) My cactus are still going strong.... I think.


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