Quick and easy hoopla game for school fair

I wrote a post last week on how we'd created a card game for my son's school fair this weekend.  I know that is going to be a big hit, as it seems to do really well at other fates we've been too, but we also created a new hoopla game, which I hope does just as good.

Materials used to make a Smurf hoopla game 

MDF - obtained from my local Freecycle page
Smurfs - doubles from when McDonalds was issuing Smurfs
Foam Ring Game - £6 from Asda
Paint, Drill & Sander
Smurf print outs
Masking tape

How to make a Hoopla game, ideal for a school summer fate

I want the game to be played flat on the ground rather than standing upright so as not to worry about how to create a solid stand, as the MDF is quite weighty on its own, and I'd hate for the game to break or fall over at the school.

The board was cut into a good sized rectangle; I sanded the whole piece down and gave the board a coat of primer.

Once the paint was dry, the masking tape was added.  I wanted stripes to give the board a little lift and used the blue paint I had from when I reupholstered my son's deckchair.  It's because of the blue and white colours that the idea to use Smurfs as decoration was born.

I marked out the poles and the smurfs on the board and set about adding the holes in the board for the pegs and a nail in the foot of the smurfs.  I used Gorilla glue as an extra hold for the pegs, and painted over the nail heads in each of the Smurfs' feet.

Drilling holes in the Hoopla game for pegs

I printed off some Smurfs and add these around each of the pegs then covered the whole board with outdoor Mod Podge to protect the board against the elements.

I'm rather proud of the end result and do hope it goes down well at the school.  My son loved it and was a real good sport about donating his Smurfs.  Let's hope it does well on the day too.


  1. Looks great. Hope it was a good money spinner for the fair

    1. Thanks Clair, the games raised over £200 and the school raised over £3,000!

    2. That's excellent


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