How to Use Statement Furniture in the Home

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There is no place more important than your own home. This should be a space where you feel completely relaxed as soon as you step through the front door. To achieve this, your home will need to be practical, but also be a reflection of your personality. This means that it should be filled with items that you picked out yourself and decorated to your particular taste.


One of the main areas to address is the furniture that you have in your home. Furniture is much more than items to make your home liveable in, as they can actually add a tremendous amount to how the house both looks and feels. A home sometimes feels complete as soon as you enter it, and you can be sure that these homes will have carefully selected furniture that reflects the owner’s personality.

Statement Pieces
It is for this reason that all homeowners should invest in a few statement furniture pieces. A statement furniture piece will be a special item that is unique, stylish and bold. When somebody enters the room, it will be the first thing that they notice and a focal point of the room.

What you choose as a statement piece of furniture will depend on your own taste, but a few examples include a brightly patterned sofa, a handcrafted wooden armchair, pendant lights or a high gloss table. Often these statement pieces will cost more than an average piece of furniture, but you may be able to find them for affordable prices when you know where to look. Places like Viaduct will be a good place to start. It is important to note that, typically, you will want to have just one statement piece in a room as otherwise, it will be too bold and loud.

Decorating Around Statement Furniture

Once you have your statement piece of furniture in place, the rest of the room should be decorated to compliment and highlight this piece. This can be difficult to achieve, but you will need to consider aspects such as the colour, shape and material of the furniture for a consistent look (consistency is key when it comes to interior design). You can also use the lighting to create interest in the room - try experimenting with different lamps or spotlights to accentuate certain areas.

Statement furniture should make any visitor say “wow!” when they walk into the room. When used correctly, it will be a reflection of your personality and the furniture will help you to feel happy and content whenever you are at home.

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