How to create a popular card game for the school summer fair

Play your cards right is a great thrifty card game for a school's summer fate

At Christmas, we created a couple of new games for the school's Christmas fair.  These games are an important part of the fair as it raises much-needed funds for one of many schools in West Sussex struggling with their tiny budgets!

With that being said, my family were more than happy to help create new games for the up and coming summer fair.  Thrifty games of course, and because both games we created were under £10 in total to make, I thought I'd share them with you guys in case you'd like to give them a go too.

My first tip would be to keep an eye out on your Freecycle groups for anyone getting rid of MDF or hardboard, regardless of size as you never know when this will come in handy!

Also, keep an eye out on industrial estates for items such as pallets and pallet lids!  As is the case for our card game!  Yes, our board for the game is made from the pallet lid that was being thrown out at my works no less!

I gave the board a quick makeover with my Rust-oleum winter grey paint (leftover from when I made my son's crate toy box) and you'd never know it was a lid!

We added thin battens to rest the cards on and painted them.  Now, I need to admit that I had no intention of having a weird vintage look on the battens!  I painted them red with acrylic paint and wanted to spray some sealer over them, only I used white spray paint!! I think I've covered my error well though don't you think?

The cards I sourced from eBay were £6 and that's all I had to pay out for this game!  I do think that's quite a bargain and of course, we're donating this game to the school so all money raised will go straight to the school fund.

What do you think?  For the price of some oversized A4 playing cards, I'm sure this is going to be a great fundraiser at the fair.  Or at least, I do hope so!


  1. Love it so much. You need more space, so you can offer to store all these games for the school yourself

    1. Fortunately they have a PTA cupboard and shed! But Max would love for us to store all the games lol


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