My ever growing charity & car boot wish list?

Does anyone else have a shopping list/wish list when roaming around the charity shops and car boots?

I have several pins saved over on Pinterest of crafts I want to try, but as much as I'm trying to turn my whole house into one large haberdashery and car boot store, I don't always have the items ready to hand.  I know this is a shock to some, but some items I have to source!

I also have a lot of books with various little tags sticking out with projects I want to try, such as a veggie rack made out of colanders or an earring holder made out of a cheese grater, or a geeky twist to them.

So now I've got myself a list.  Well, actually I have myself a book which at the back lists my thrifty wants for when I'm out and about to complete my projects.  I have a photo of my list in my phone gallery, that way I don't need to carry around an A5 notebook!

Sometimes I forget why I need items such as a baking tray or 15 belts!!!  But, hey, I'm sure it's a good one, watch this space for some geeky take on a 15 belt craft project.......

I really want to try the Halloween plant pots, so hopefully, that post will be up by October.  I've already written my witch's legs post which again was sourced from the local charity shops.

So does anyone else have a car boot wish list?  I'm not alone am I?

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