Craft: Chalkboard #StarWars seat

Having picked up some Ikea mirrors from the car boot, I redecorated them and made a couple of Gorjuss mirrors.  Proud of my work I posted my creations on my Facebook account.

A friend of mine asked if I was selling my mirrors!  As flattered as I was I am not confident in many of my creations to sell them on to anyone, I think this may be because I analyse my work to the nth degree and can see very fault and error no matter how small, and I believe this is what puts me off selling my products.

I did, however, notice that my friend had put a couple of seats on eBay so I responded with "I'll swap the sets for the mirrors" and much to my delight she agreed!

So here is one of my bargain stools that I got in exchange for my mirror.... and then I found chalkboard paint!

I found some fab Star Wars fabric when surfing online and immediately knew what and who this stool was going to be for - my geeky Star Wars loving best friend.

Having decided to make my bestie a gift, I then put myself under imminence pressure to a) get it finished to perfection b) get it finished for Christmas and c)..... just!!

I managed somehow to pull it all off and the look on my friend's face at Christmas was worth every second of pressure I put myself under - so what do you think can you see why she was so happy?  I have to admit, I'm very proud of myself.


  1. that looks utterly amazing! Something that looked so tired and dated made to look so cool! Well done xxx

  2. This is AMAZING!
    My husband would love it so much, but we already have so much Star Wars memorabilia around our home I'd probably have to turn him down haha I'm looking for a stool like this myself to do a similar project - desperately need a new stool for my dresser. Thanks for the inspiration. May give you a shout when I get around to trying it and need help haha!
    Karen x

    1. aw thanks, I'm not really a big star wars fan - we have everything covered in Spiderman - but I must admit I do like the chalkboard effect :)


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