The Girl On The Bus - The definition of True Love

"It's Christmas John", the Reaper whispered,"time to catch your bus".....

The Girl On The Bus - The definition of True Love

If ever there is a story about love at first site and true love, it's the one my mum told me about her sister and her husband John.

John caught sight of the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen getting on the bus and the true gentleman he is he offered to pay her fare.  Jean smiled and thanked him kindly, got on the bus and playfully mentioned she may give him her number.  But she didn't and John spent 6 months asking people he knew if anyone knew 'The girl on the bus'.

In December Maureen, Jean's sister was having a party and one of Maureen's best friends had begged and begged her to invite a man they knew called Derek as Janet had a little soft spot for him.  Maureen agreed and sent out an invite to Derek who in return asked if he could bring his brother with him who he adored.  Maureen shrugged her shoulders and said 'yeah why not, what's one more eh'

The night of the party Derek turned up with his brother John who took a deep intake of breath and whispered 'The girl on the bus' as he saw my Aunty Jean across the room.

From that day forward they were inseparable and only the evil of Cancer could separate them and take Jean away before seeing the youngest of her grandchildren grow into a beautiful young teenager. 

On Christmas Day 2012 the evil of Cancer came to collect John, and he left our world to go find his Girl on the bus once more.


  1. A lovely story apart from cancer. Sorry to read that bit

    1. Thank you. They were the definition of love as I was growing up.


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