The interiors and garden products I love from Wayfair

Recently a new badge has appeared on the left of my page and one I'm very proud to show off.  My Wayfair featured blogger badge.  I'm so pleased to be part of a great blogger community working with Wayfair to show off some of the most fantastic pieces they have to offer.

My next video which will be appearing at the end of the week has my new beautiful bookcase which I purchased from Wayfair.  I adore it!  Do let me know what you think of it.
Great 4 x 4 storage unit from Wayfair, and very easy to put together.
Already filling up my new unit!
With that being said, I've also picked out my top 6 picks from Wayfair.  Products which range from practical to a little unusual, let's face it, it wouldn't be me if we didn't have a sparkling peacock in the garden!

So what were my top 6 picks for Wayfair?

Bookcases Children’s Beds Red key box
Bowen Bookcase For the home, storage is premium, so for my home office, I've chosen the Bowen Bookcase as my top pick. With nice deep shelves and a good size, it would be perfect to store more of my haberdashery in. Single Mid Sleeper Bed with Storage Now my son is at school, he's big enough to have a mid-sleeper without the worry of falling out, and frees up much-needed space and storage with this beautiful tone mid sleeper. Route 66 Key Box For my quirky pieces to show off our individuality I've picked the route 66 key holder - we also completed this route a couple of years before my son was born so it has special meaning to us.
Peacock Statue Home bar Tiered steamer
Solaris 1 Light Statue I'm in love with this Peacock and the fact it lights up at dusk Kane Home Bar Speaking of gardens the Home Bar is my pick for a relaxing evening to unwind from the chaos of the day Accents 3 Tier Steamer with Lid This beautiful steamer is perfect to add a splash of colour in the kitchen and it is practical too.

What do you think? Have I picked anything that you to love? All 6 of my products have gone in my Wayfair wishlist.



  1. fantastic - what a well deserved badge! I only came across Wayfair from reading blogs and we bought miss T's bed mattress from them and I've been so pleased with it - it really shows that blogging and brands really do work and benefit companies. What a fab bookcase!

  2. I haven't come across Wayfair. Will have to take a look

    1. There is so much on there and for all budgets, I can spend all day on there.


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