London Film & Comic Convention Summer 2017

Meeting Wil Wheaton and this year's LFCC - summer 2017

July 2017 saw us revisit London's Film & Comic Convention.  We haven't been to the summer event for 3 years!  The last time the 4 of us went to LFCC was to see Stan Lee, so what could top that.....?

Let me just start by saying as a huge Marvel fan, visiting LFCC when Stan Lee was there was an amazing and memorable day and the first time we took our son, who would have been 2!

This year I watched the lineup as I do every year, and it just happens that the last 2 years I've not got my butt into gear to get tickets to go.   Then I see Mark Sheppard is going to be there......interested!  As a HUGE Supernatural fan - (those boys got me through some horrid times back in 2008/2009 and will forever be a fan) getting 'Crowley's' autograph would be pretty cool......

Meeting Mark Sheppard at the LFCC summer 17

But, those who know me know my all-time number 1 favourite movie is Stand by Me. It holds so many dear memories for me, of when I was 15 going to the cinema with my friends to watch this coming-of-age movie and developing the biggest crush on River Phoenix.

When it was announced that Wil Wheaton was also going to be at LFCC - this was happening.  We were going this year.  My fondness for Wil stems back 30 years!  I couldn't be 90 minutes away and not see him, to speak to him and to get his autograph!

After 30 years of watching an idol on screen I finally got to meet him!

So that's what I did.

Standing in line waiting for him to return.  Chatting with one of my besties (who'd just been over to see Kevin Smith ..... having seen Jay 3 years earlier)...I came over all emotional!  I thought back to being a kid, to being a teenager and having fun with my friends!  From crushing on River to Halloween..... to following Wil through the Star Trek years to suddenly being an adult with a child and my teenage years a dusty memory in the back of my mind.

I may have choked

I may have been rather nervous!

I needn't have been!  Wil was lovely.  Softly spoken and kind was very interested in my film montage that I asked him to sign and give me a warm big smile as I left.   Still may cry!

So you see as much as I admire Stan Lee and that was one of the best Comicons I've been to, this year's was the best!

For that I'm grateful.

It's going to have to be something pretty bloody epic to top that!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! I'm glad you were able to meet Wil!


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