It's time for Back to School - Kids Craft Challenge

Back to School kids craft challenge to help them spell

For this month's Bostik Blogger craft, the theme was Back to School!  It's hard to believe that my son has just finished the reception year!  I have no idea where that time has gone and I'm still not accepting that he's even a schoolboy.

So with that being said, I was a little surprised he came home with summer homework!  The children have been given a list of words to focus on over the summer and try and spell or read as many as they can ready for Year 1 in September, so I took this opportunity to turn the Back to School theme into a little challenge for him.  My kid loves a puzzle!

We have always used learning through play, such as counting up to 12 on the dice or counting spaces on a board game.  Using Lego to count out bricks needed for creation from Pinterest to using exercise books and Reading Eggs to trace letters.

As the emphasis has mainly been on numbers in our house, I took this month's Bostik box as a chance to enhance his spelling by using the Scrabble tiles supplied.

I took his spelling list and picked out words I know he either needs to focus on or needed help in getting started on his Scrabble craft challenge.  Now, not all the letters were in my box, but fortunately for me, I had a whole load of Scrabble stickers that I'd bought in one of The Works many 'clearance' sales.

For older children, this would be fine to leave as is.  Ask them to see how many words they can create from their tiles and stick onto their card, but as my son is only 5 he needed a bit of guidance as to where to place the tiles.

I set the tiles up and then marked the spaces out.

marking out the scrabble tiles for a back to school kids craft challenge

Bostik Foam pads were added to the back of each tile so Max can save his work and review this until he's comfortable spelling the words, the aim is to replace the tiles over time with new words and the sticky pads work great at pulling off the tiles without tearing the card and replacing with new ones.

Creating a scrabble craft project to help children learn to spell

Challenge was accepted and with a little guidance, the task was completed in no time, so much so that he's asked if we can do another one next weekend.  I've told him that next weekend as he did so well with this challenge, he can create the board himself!  He was very excited about this!

Working out which letters go on his new scrabble card

Working out his scrabble board for kids craft project

Looks like we'll be buying Junior Scrabble before long!


  1. Clever idea. My older son loves Scrabble. And this has reminded me I need to check if we have any other homework to tackle, other than geography journal which we did on holiday last week

    1. Thanks Claire, can you believe we only have 2 weeks left of summer holidays!


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