Creating a fun monster battlefield paper craft scene with the kids

Paper craft materials to make a monster battle field

This month's Bostik blogger theme is Monsters.  I don't know about anyone else but the little person that lives in my house can sure take on the form of a monster at times, so I thought I'd get him to channel that inner mischief maker this month and I asked him if he had any type of monsters in mind.

Battle Monsters, please!

Everything in the house is battle themed since we stayed up at Warwick Castle!  He loved the jousting so much it's been a big theme ever since.  So we set about re-creating the war of the roses (Go York) in monster style!

Creating Cardboard monsters

We have two types of monsters to create, the audience and the fighters, both were made the same way.
* Cut a piece of card into strips then fold in half.
* Fold the bottom of each half inward to make it stand.
* Obtain a 'bucket load' of google eyes, feathers, triangles and anything else you have in your craft box or the garden!
* We used a Bostik glue pen to stick the above all over our folded pieces of paper and left to dry.

Strips of card, googly eyes and glue make for great monsters

Creating a monster battlefield

If I can, I like to keep our art projects in boxes - it makes clearing up and storing so much easier and for this project, a box is perfect for an arena.

We painted our box - something my son has always loved to do!

We used crepe paper as bunting for the teams and also used crepe paper and lolly sticks to create flags for each side too.

The larger monsters were holding sticks, er I mean lances and had a lolly for a handle across the top so we could have them jousting.

Go Red Team - Creating a paper monster craft project

Go White Team - Creating a paper monster craft project

Creating a paper monster battlefield with the kids

This is a brilliant little craft project to do with your children.  My son loved every minute of this from sticking on googly eyes, painting the box to the battle at the end.


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