Does Your Home Need A Splash Of Modern?


It’s a common misconception that making a home modern is going to costs thousands of pounds, break the bank, and is a hard look to achieve anyway.  This is totally wrong.  As a matter of fact, making your home modern is probably going to be one of the easiest things you’ll ever do to it.  Yes, it might be a little expensive, but the modern look lasts for years and it just looks so amazing. There are so many things you can do to create that modern vibe, you could even use some of your old furniture!  So without further ado, here’s how you can add a splash of modernity to your home without breaking the bank too much.

The Expensive Option
The expensive option is one we might as well discuss first, although there are ways of making it a little cheaper.  Renovations are the easiest way to get the modern vibe perfectly how you want it.  It gives an entire room a fresh start, and the decor you could put in it would be amazing.  So, one of the most expensive rooms you could ever renovate would be the kitchen, but a modern kitchen is one of the best things to look at.  We’ve got a few ideas for you that we think you’ll like, but first, let's make it a little bit cheaper for you.

One of the biggest expenses is actually gutting out your old kitchen.  The person you’re hiring to fit the new kitchen would spend a day doing it, and charge you the cost of him doing it as well as the labour for the day.  All you need to do is look for cheap skip hire for all of your rubbish, and get some protective gear such as safety goggles and a hammer.  Then all you need to do is rip the cupboards and surfaces out.  If you have an integrated cooker, it’s best to work around that rather than try and get it out.  It should only take you a day of hard work, but it has the potential to save you a hundred or more pounds.  It might seem small, but it all counts with a renovation.

Now, for that modern look, we’re going to suggest marble. Yes, marble is expensive, but it does look good and there are lookalikes that can make it cheaper for you.  Black sparkly marble looks so good, and then you obviously need to go for some white cupboards, with black sparkly marble look-alike countertops.  Have your appliances built into the cupboards as well.  For example, you could have a mini-fridge as one cupboard, a dishwasher as another, and the washing machine as the next.  Then on one of the walls have a double oven built in around cupboards above and below that can be used as storage.  What you’ll end up with is a beautiful modern kitchen that will stay fresh and new for years. It might be costly, but it is most definitely worth it.

Now we’ll move on to something that is a little cheaper for you, upcycling.  This is where you turn an old piece of furniture that looks as though it might be on the out and turn it into something beautifully modern.  The best thing you can do this with is either bedroom or living room furniture.  You’ll most likely have an oak coffee table, bedside table, or even a chest of drawers that you could use for this.  So before you think about throwing them out, think of this first.  Let's take a living room coffee table as an example.  All you’re going to need is a sander, some gloss paint, and a protective coating.  All of these can be purchased from your local DIY store.  First, start by completely sanding down the piece of furniture.  This is the longest and sweatiest part of the job.  You need to make sure you’re sanding it down so all of the original colouring and any imperfections are gone. What you should be left with is a rustic-looking table that looks pure and clean.  Then all you need to do is apply two coats of gloss and one protective paint layer, and you have officially upcycled your first piece of furniture.

Modern Technology
You can’t have a modern home without modern technology.  Knowing what to do for this bit should be easy, but we’ve got some pointers on the best technology that we think a modern home deserves. Item number one is definitely a snazzy big TV that’s going to be perfect for those chilled-out nights, and for the ones where you’ve got all your friends around for a few too many drinks.  The bigger the better is the case in most instances, but don’t fill your living room with it.  Sometimes if your living room isn’t the biggest it’ll just look silly.  But there is some awesome TV with capabilities that we could have only dreamed of 10 years ago.  We recommend one that supports 4K viewing, as well as a 3D option for the perfect film night.

For the kitchen, the perfect addition if you love to cook and bake is definitely the kitchen aid.  It might set you back a few hundred, but it is a mixer like no other.  It has multiple different capabilities and is just amazing for producing the perfect cakes.

So there you have it, a splash of modern has now been added to your home, and you didn’t even need to break the bank to do so.  If you have any more ideas on how you’ve made your home more modern, feel free to share!

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