Creating A Home Office You Will Love To Work In

How to create a home office
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For many people, the idea of working from home sounds ideal. And in many ways it is; you have full flexibility, no need to wear anything other than yoga pants, and no one is going to steal your milk out of the fridge. However, working from home also comes with the need to focus through all of the distractions in your house - you might never have thought that a pile of washing would look so desirable, but when you have a deadline to meet, it can easily become just that. So, you need to create a space without distractions that are primed to keep you happy and engaged. 

Choose your space 

You need to dedicate an area of your home to become your office. A spare bedroom is ideal, but you might need to look into redesignating things to clear yourself some room elsewhere - like the garage, basement, or even to build an outdoor-office. Your space doesn’t have to be huge, just big enough for the essentials. In fact, having too large space can tempt you to fill it with things that will ultimately become distractions. You want to keep the place tidy and simple, to avoid just that. Don’t use this space to store boxes, to hang-drying laundry or to set up the ironing board. This space is purely for work, and not for household chores. 


The right furniture makes a difference. If you like that way the room looks then you are more likely to want to be in there. Choosing the right seat goes beyond aesthetics, however. You need to consider how long you are going to spend sitting at your desk all day - it can seriously affect your back quite quickly. So make sure that you choose something that is going to support your back as well as sit at the right height to your desk. Speaking of your desk - do you really need a huge monstrosity? Sometimes having too much space allows you to create piles of access stuff, which can stress you out by just sitting there. A smaller desk forces you to stay organised and to keep things simple. You might be able to upcycle a table or desk you already have in your home.


This isn’t a romantic date for two, but the mood does have a huge effect on how you work. If the room smells of the dusty Christmas decorations you have yet to put back into storage, how is that going to be a nice place to sit and spend your days? Buy some luxury scented candles and fill that room with your favourite scent. When looking at lighting, a normal ceiling light would work fine, but you might also want to consider a decent desk lamp, or a sun-lamp, to help brighten up the room. 


As we’ve said before, you will want to keep this space clear and uncluttered. It has been said that a creative mind prefers a messy workspace. But if you can’t find the right paperwork under the masses of other paperwork - how will you get things done? By all means, do you and continue with your organised chaos, but also consider some creative office storage to keep on top of things.

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