Changing a pocket on a pair of jeans

I've had one of those "Can't be that hard surely" moments again!

Changing or replacing a pocket on the back of a pair of jeans

I purchased a pair of cropped jeans from Next in their latest sale.  I purchased the last pair in my size so when they turned up with the left pocket cut off, I was extremely disappointed. 

After getting over the initial 'is this part of the design' thought, quickly followed by 'who does that'!  I should have and very nearly returned the faulty jeans.... but they fit so well and were now out of stock!

Then, I had one of those mad moments.  I love this material, I'll just add a pocket, it will be a good sewing exercise for me....
Changing or replacing a pocket on the back of a pair of jeans


This is not a good exercise for me, this very nearly got filed under - Never using the sewing machine again.  What was I thinking!

First of all, I had to take the fixed, firmly sewn denim pocket off the right side, in one piece to use as a template.

Two days later............
Use an existing pocket as a template to replace the design of the denim jean pocket

Urgh, that was hard!  Once I had the templates the pieces were pinned, tacked and then sewn.

New pocket designs for my faulty jeans

And that my friends, was the easy part!

How on earth did I think I was going to get that tiny pocket sewn onto my jeans?  No idea what the secret to this is, I'm yet to go on a sewing course so I totally winged it.

I took my time and carefully added these new pockets to my jeans, it was fiddly and not perfect but you know what.....  I now get to wear my fabulous faulty jeans with a little added flair.

Placing a pocket back on a faulty shop bought pair of jeans!

I'm rather looking forward to seeing these pockets glow in the dark!

Bring on the dressmaking course though.


  1. They look fab! Well done. I wish I had a sewing machine for cool things like this x

    1. Thank you Keri, I'm so glad I bit the bullet and bought one x

  2. Well done for persevering. Not the sort of project I would attempt

    1. I'm not sure I'll try it again though >..<


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