How to make skull cushions

How I made a skull cushion

I seem to have the sewing bug at the moment and after my rather successful pumpkin cushions, I wanted to make a skull cushion from Day of the Dead materials.

What was I thinking!  Why do I do this?  It all seems perfectly simple IN MY HEAD!  This is very much similar to the time I thought we could just knock up the letter M as a shelving unit for my son!

I didn't stop to think for one minute that I'm still a novice when it comes to the sewing machine and that the shape of a skull is possibly not a shape that a learner should be tackling.

But I managed it and can guarantee like Highlander, there will be only one!

I purchased glow in the dark material from Fumble and love the fact they sent me a sweetie too!  The 'template' is from Hobbycraft and with that I cut out two skull shapes - and still, it didn't sink in that I've got to sew that shape!

All you need to make a skull cushion is a template and glow in the dark material

I'm aware we are meant to tack material before sewing but I was feeling rather rebellious and quite confident that the material wouldn't move so I just pinned the fabric together and then, then is when it dawned on me I'm going to need to sew very carefully around the edging to keep the shape!

Sewing close to the edge to ensure I kept the skull shape

I did it in one go, swearing all the way, but believe it or not this is not my least favourite part!  I'm not a fan of leaving a gap for the stuffing, and this is only because I hand sew the gap up and that is when my true shite useless sewing skills come into their own! 

The good news guys is if I can do this, so can you.  It was created in an evening with some patience, a sewing machine and a fair bit of sewing under my breathe.

Skull cushion made with Day of the Dead glow in the dark material

So what do you think?  One evening of 'OMG I've overestimated my skills again' actually turned into a 'I'm rather proud of that' moment.

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